Dedicated debt recovery solutions from Alexander Miller & Associates have helped avoid many financial disasters for the creditor companies. As you might have experienced with write off, IVA, Trust deeds and other forms of debt discounts, the debtors can find many legal ways to get out of their responsibility of repayment on time. You can find many financial experts and attorneys to support them legally. When your company is faced with a tight situation like this, Alexander Miller & Associates can help you come out of this mess and get your full debts recovered with interest and overheads.

This statement might look like impractical on paper, since most of the legal proceedings you have heard of and read about speak for the debtors. Legal experts at Alexander Miller & Associates know about some of the most intricate sections in the legal system related to finance, insolvency and other procedures debt recovery from your state and federal legal system. They are effective enough to counter all the combined measures adopted by the defence attorneys of your debtors to get the verdict in your favor. For this to happen successfully you need to follow some procedures advised by Alexander Miller & Associates.

Procedures Related to Debt Recovery

  • Avoid aging of debts beyond a certain time limit. You could develop a debt monitoring system with the help of consultants from Alexander Miller & Associates.
  • Keep marking all the outstanding debts with priority to top ranked ones based on the sum and outstanding time.
  • Keep sending reminders to your debtors about repayments regularly. Encourage them to respond to your mails. It doesn’t matter whether they give you a favorable reply or a negative response. Keep recording all the details in your database.
  • Consult Alexander Miller & Associates on the final date of tolerance limit and start the proceedings of debt recovery. The agency can start off with the negotiations phase and out of court settlements as the first priority of debt recovery. This process is initiated for two reasons. You could avoid the delays and hassles involved in the legal proceedings. You could also maintain friendly relations with your debtor company. This is for the simple logic that it is not only the loser of legal battle who gets hut in the market, even the winner could get into some serious troubles.
  • Experts from Alexander Miller & Associates hold extended negotiations with your debtor company for the smooth repayment of debts within a specific time frame in your favor. Typically they don’t offer any sops or discounts unless your company may take a decision on them. Your involvement in the negotiations is an integral part of decision making.
  • Once the negotiations are done in your favor, Alexander Miller & Associates can prepare the debt repayment agreement and schedule and get it signed from your debtors. You can choose to follow up the monitoring and management of recovery from your company or designate Alexander Miller & Associates for doing it at competitive fee structure.