How To Remain Healthy When Travelling

Travelling is fun! It is an enjoyable moment of adventure, but it could be stressful and dangerous to health if not properly planned, says Roger Wellington, healthy travel expert at huff post.Travelling is very important at times for changing of environment, for knowledge, and to life in general.

A post on Quora, explains how important and beneficial travelling could be, by different contributors: Joseph Jayanth, says “travelling is same as reading books to him because it gives him time to think, observe, learn new things, and ideas”.

While according to Aarush Nandal, “travelling is like a book where you learn new cultures, taste new food, meet new/different people, refresh yourself, secure new memories, and face your fear.”

So, how do you enjoy this adventure of travelling without putting your health at risk? Trying the following tips will keep you healthy when travelling.

  1. Create time to have enough sleep:

Travelling could be very harsh on your body, through the carrying of luggage across destinations, walking all day, and lots more. You should give yourself enough rest to heal and rest your body.

  1. Have at least 5-15 minutes exercise routine:

Out of your busy schedule exploring and enjoying, don’t forget to get yourself physically fit. Stretching, push-ups and little aerobics will keep you healthy and fit. Walking a short distance can work too…you should try it!

  • Keep your body hydrated:

Make drinking water available at all time to keep your body hydrated. You will also need some water purification tablets to be at the safer side. Take water with slices of lemon, lime, and other detoxifying agent to detox your body.

Feed yourself with healthy dietary:

Food is very important for healthy living, but you should feed yourself with more healthy stuff. Don’t skip breakfast, eat nourishing food (balanced diet)that will pump energy to your body all day long, and avoid eating junks.

Eat more vegetables and fruits than meat:

Avoid eating too much meat, eat more vegetables, and fruit like bananas, apples, and oranges. It will help you gather more energy and vitality for your journey.

Reduce or stop alcohol and sweet drinks:

Travelling could get weird at a point in time, tempting you to take some alcohol or energy booster with lots of sugar. That could go very bad for you because you’re not at home plus, you need to avoid risking your health for an adventure… stay healthy and drink more water.

Make hand sanitizer and wet napkins handy:

Wet napkins come in handy when clean water and soap are not in reach (it’s a common experience). Then, hand sanitizer will protect you from infection through a series of things and people you’ve had an encounter with.

Protect yourself (especially your skin):

Wear protective clothing to protect your skin outdoor from a large population of mosquitoes and insects. Use insect repellent to prevent bites and sweater against cold… just make sure you’re safe!

Take multivitamins and food supplements:

Multivitamins and supplements will come in handy whenever you lost appetite (this is also very common when travelling), and supplements the lost nutrients and keep you healthy.

Have a detox plan:

A detox plan will keep you healthier and maintain your weight. Depending on the number of days you’re spending, a detox diet for weight loss will maintain your weight, detoxify your body against toxins, and balance the quantity of your body fat while you enjoy your journey.